Writer’s Day

Today is writer’s day. What would life be like without them? You can not even imagine. If without them, there would be no books, who would study? No comics, no romances, no chronicles, no tales … What would this world be then? Not even bookstores !!! Who would get rid of it?

If it were not for poetry; if it were not for the stories; if it were not for the writer who would speak of love? If it were not the writer, there would be no reader. That’s right? How horrible!!

The writer has a voice that echoes.

He dies, but it resonates! See Cora Coralina and Fernando Pessoa. Jorge Amado, for Bahia; Vinicius de Moraes, who would have thought!

Your thoughts turn into words that take on a life of their own. Inappropriate or not, they stay, they will. But never in vain! They are.

The writer does not see like us. What we see is not what it feels. What he feels is what he writes – and what he writes you feel. Imagine life without the writer! Imagine!!!

Some phrases from some writers …

“What is worth in life is not the starting point but the walk. Walking and sowing, in the end you will have what to reap. “(Cora Coralina)

“There are 2 kinds of annoying people: boring people and friends, who are our favorite boring people.” (Mario Quintana)

“May I not lose the will to have great friends, even knowing that, with the world’s turns, they end up going away from our lives.” (Ariano Suassuna)

“Everyone knows how to love in his own way; the way, it does not matter; the essential thing is to know how to love. “(Machado de Assis)

“It’s better to be merry than to be sad. Joy is the best thing that exists. “(Vinicius de Moraes)

“May my solitude be my companion.

that I have the courage to face me.

that I know to stay with nothing

and yet I feel

as if it were full of everything. “(Clarice Lispector)

“Reading is fundamental, but living is even more important. By living I consider experiencing life, being affected by good and bad circumstances, experiencing intense emotions, reflecting on the great mystery behind the most insignificant things, observing and learning from the dramas, tragedies and comedies of every little everyday situation . At first glance it may seem silly to recommend something like that, but I believe most people do not really live, but only go through life in a state similar to sleepwalking. And writing is precisely the effort to unravel, the search for a hidden meaning and often inexpressible. Writing is an attempt to wake up. “(Fabio Shiva)

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