World Wide Web

The Google homepage is indicating that today marks the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web, the term that gave rise to the WWW that precedes the addresses of most of the websites we know.

Much information about this precious event can be found with a simple search.

However, with this text we do not want to address the historical fact itself; we hope to celebrate and demonstrate our gratitude for the innumerable benefits and possibilities that come with it.

We are only 30 years from an episode that gave rise to the exclusion of immense geographical, cultural, economic and many other barriers. We can communicate with Chinese, Thais, Americans and Angolans just as we are communicating with our family members in our own home – not a second of time separates us!

Communication without frontiers

Thanks to this event, today communication takes place in the form of text, audio, photos, videos and in real time. We can solve complex problems that would require months before, with the help of the Post Office. Before the World Wide Web this would all be considered a true miracle.

And thanks to these communication possibilities, cultural, economic and social networks have also expanded.

Every information is available to anyone who wants to find it. Any product or service is democratically visible and can please not only the Greeks and Trojans, but all the inhabitants of the Earth.

So, for a lot more, we decided to write this little post trying to show how grateful we are for all those who collaborated and for all who continue to collaborate so that this continues to be possible.

The global network of computers and people

Today, our readers and customers are spread all over the world. They are Germans, Americans, Brazilians; they are Terrans! We are all united by this World Computer Network.

Let it continue to expand more and more, gradually refining itself, to the extent that it is possible to share the spirit of a warm embrace, to notice the glitter of a look overcoming the brightness of the canvases.

We want every customer served by our team to receive, without any interference, the vibration of our security while we perform each contracted service.

Count on us! Let’s continue together in this constant revolution that has been promoted since the outbreak of the World Computer Network.

If you wish to know our services, we are ready to welcome you. We are people, just like you; we love this environment, but above all, we try to bring into it the warmth of our closeness, the perception of the person behind each new contact. Comes!

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