The text review is for the reader

The revision of text is a fundamental step in the process of preparing most of the documents, be it a literary work, an academic text, or a scientific article. Let’s explain why, but first, we would like to anticipate that proofreading is not the same thing as grammatical proofreading.

Those who have experience in writing generally make few grammatical errors; even less the spelling – especially if instead of writing by hand uses the computer, which already has a broker in the text editor.

However, among those who write grammatically correct, many still do not know the value of proofreading, which is intended for the reader, not the author.

When a good teacher is in class, he wants to make sure that all his students can understand it. He well knows that there the degree of understanding is not linear. Some students even understand half words, but others need new explanations, until everything is properly assimilated.

“The unintelligible is a relative of the foolish”

All text needs to be sufficiently scrutinized to ensure that the reader finds the message clearly communicated, without phrases or paragraphs with double meaning or incomplete meaning, for example. Each statement should remain uncomplicated, regardless of the style of writing adopted.

The reader, perceiving unfounded complexities in the text, tends to interpret that the author was not clear enough about what he wrote. And you may leave the reading immediately.

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer says in his book “The Art of Writing”:

There is nothing easier than to write in such a way that no one understands; on the other hand, nothing more difficult than expressing meaningful thoughts so that all understand them. The unintelligible is related to the foolish, and doubtless it is infinitely more likely that he conceals a mystification than a deep intuition.

When a teacher talks to another the communication runs free, carefree, because both have the same level of understanding about the subject matter. But in the classroom the approach with the student is another.

The scope of academic texts

A monograph, for example, no matter what area it is, should be written in a completely understandable way to anyone who can read and interpret texts.

The academic text is a document that, although it may have a dense terminological charge, intends to contribute to the academic community and to society as a whole. It is not necessary to do medicine to be able to understand medical texts that can help in maintaining one’s health.

Subtlety x Unintelligibility

Good reviewers are aware of the need to look at the difference between unintelligibility and subtlety. Only professional reviewers often have enough sensitivity to differ from one thing to another. Such expertise can come only through critical reading and a few years of experience.

There are many ways to say “I love you”. However, sometimes it does not feel good to expose the expression so naked. There are situations that demand more subtlety. We have often noticed that, in order to convey subtlety, many authors end up making the text complex. And this is another good example of a situation where the experienced reviewer can help you.

Your style does not change

Well we know that in style lies the essence of the author. So do not worry about that. The good reviewer does not change his style. In fact, it is in the style that he most feels his presence as a writer.

To complete, any intervention or suggestion made by the reviewer will be easily found and can be accepted or rejected by clicking with the mouse.

That way, if you are a writer, scholar, liberal professional, entrepreneur or someone who is dedicated to producing texts for specific audiences, you now know that review is not a dispensable service.

Proofreading – for the sake of your readers

A person who wishes to conquer another who is already much harassed, can not miss any opportunity to approach with empty words. You should try to spark interest with originality in the first second; if it is the opposite, if your approach is not sufficiently secure and convincing, all will be lost.

So it is with the reader. The world is full of attractions, starting with the cell phone. Virtually everything you want to know, see and hear is there, right in the palm of your hand. What are we going to do to attract the precious attention of this reader?

You can not treat him as just another. That story has changed. Whoever writes is just one more, until proven otherwise!

Therefore, we present our textual review service.

Please check our proposal to review your texts. We are a team that performs this trade constantly. Therefore, in reviewing your text, our mission is to make your reader feel respected and treated as it should be, finding everything you have to say, without complication.

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